ART 1 : All sale conditions mentioned below are valid for all deliveries and/or sales, except if we have accepted other written conditions. Ordering a product will implicitly include an acceptation of our sale conditions.

ART 2 : All our propositions are not binding us. All agreements and all changes of agreements are only valid after a written acceptation from our side.

ART 3 : Description of delivery of products. The products are delivered as mentioned on our ordering document or on the front side of our invoice.

ART 4 : All our prices are VAT included.

ART 5 : The buyer has to accept the products and to check them immediatly. We will not accept any complaints that are made later than 1 hour after the delivery.


6.1All our invoices are immediatly payable and without any rebate, irrespective of the way of payment

6.2 By non payment at the date of payment, the amount of the invoice will be increased with 10%, starting with a minimum of 25€, as a compensation for the administrative costs. The invoice amount will also be increased with 12% debt interests pro year, starting from the date of payment.

6.3 Invoices less than 25€ will be increased with 10€ for administrative costs.

ART 7 : All lended material has to be returned within the 2 working days at the vendor headquarters. Except if another agreement has been made. In case the buyer has paid some warranty for the loaned material, this warranty amount will be paid back after the material has been returned in due time and that there are no damages or losts. If there are damages or losts then this material will be invoiced at the usual market price


8.1If there is a conflict situation then it will be the Court of Brussels, who is the only legal court as it is the Court located in the same area as the vendors headquarters, that is qualified to make a judgement, irrespective the way payments have been done or that some other conflicts are already in court.

8.2 All costs linked to the covering thrue the court, including honorarium, will be charged to the customer.